General rules / ethic
To ensure that this meeting remains an unforgettably beautiful memory, I prepare myself: Regular health checks, personal hygiene, and a sense of style are a must have. I expect the same from you.

Only with a condom.

Privat Outcall into your home, exclusively for single and couples.

A no is a no and is accepted with respect.

I. General Conditions

Fee and payment 
All fees for any Services are exclusive of meals, drinks, and accommodation Traveling expenses. So if the journey by train takes more than an hour »one way« From my domicile there is an additional travel cost surcharge, which is listed in the fee. Flights and train journeys are always at your expense and can also be booked by you. The services are usually paid for in cash. Share as advance payment, via bank details, but no later than 24 hours in advance. My prices are fixed without exception and cannot be negotiated. That's why I ask you to have such discussions with me in principle refrain from paying the agreed amount upon arrival without being asked to pay me.

 Any booking for my services is always binding. Should you exceptionally and unexpectedly something come between, I would be grateful if you would ask me this as early as possible, but at least 24 hours in advance, so that you and I do not incur any costs. I'll take it though unrestricted freedom to place an order on site at short notice reject it if it doesn't (anymore) feel right to me. The sons Statement of reasons or detailed explanations on my part. Of course, in such a case, I wouldn't do a full one Demand payment, but only the travel costs plus 10 percent of the price of the planned service or at least 100CHF, and leave the meeting point immediately. But you also have the same possibility as a customer , still on the spot, at the first meeting with me, from cancel the planned assignment. However, there is one decisive difference: You had the opportunity to present yourself here on my Homepage to inform extensively about me. Accordingly I will 25 percent of the price of our agreed service or at least 250CHF calculate as compensation for my preparation effort, and if additionally required the total travel surcharge, according to my fee list, if the journey by train lasted more than an hour. In addition, all costs for booked flights and train journeys or their cancellation are at your expense without exception.

Get to know
 There is for new customers the possibility  for a non-binding coffee invite in Bern (CH), Zurich (CH) to a short conversation (maximum 30 minutes), and In this way I can get to know  you better and perceive myself personally. However, this must be agreed with me beforehand, and by me also be desired and consented to. 

I reserve the right to adjust the conditions from time to time. NH
updated 7/21/2023