Nadja  Hermes

Capture moments with me

I would like to share with you a story about passion that will take you for a moment into the imagination of a sensual, erotic encounter with me. If, while you are reading, I can bring to life pages that are deep within you and that you would soon like to have "moments to capture" with me, that would be my greatest compliment.

It makes me happy to be able to please you with my alert mind, my presence and unresistable desirable sexual energy as a high class Escort ( the link a sweet inch playfullness )...aaah your smile exposes; is when the chemistry between us allows me as a woman to feel comfortable around you.
I live my authentic talent in the art of pleasant company and sensual seduction.

What could be nicer than igniting the embers of passion at any age?
Play it big: an incomparable act of the certenty of change, its beauty and courage.


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