Lingam Massage

by N a d j a, the union of your male and female sexual energies through my hands. Complete acceptance of your presence on my part, through a massage that requires time and calm to connect body and mind in rhythmic massage movements. 

Reserve valuable 90 minutes or more for a special kind of time out. Your whole body is stimulated by a sensual massage technique. Especially your genital area. The penis, testicles, anus and prostate are stimulated with soothing oils using the sensitive lingam massage technique. 

At the beginning of the massage we engage in thoughtful rituals to immerse ourselves in the special energy. Lying on your back with your legs slightly bent, you can let yourself fall into my hands and your perception. In order to give you the experience of long-lasting excitement, I carefully change the massage technique as orgasm approaches. 

If you would like to let my hands direct your male, sexual energy through your body to revitalize you to the highest degree, I offer you a wonderful opportunity with a lingam massage.
The fee is CHF500 for one and a half hours and CHF800 for two hours. The large bed in a quiet hotel room is the ideal place for this extraordinary energising journey.