Moments / Fee

Capture the moment 
 1 hour
Afternoon flirt

A short story 
2 hours
Two strangers

Drinks & Dinner 
2 to 3 hours
Ideal for getting to know each other! no sex. Eroticism between a star restaurant, a visit to a museum, or a stroll through the city.

Belle de Nuit 
3 to 5 hours
chf1000 to chf1800
From the elegant bar to the atmospherically elegant hotel or rather lets tast first a suplime dinner

Dreams become Reality 
7 to 14 hours
chf2000 - chf2500
The evening lasts through the night into the morning.

Day and Night 
24 hours
Between pulsating sheets and an energetic day

and FAQ

In which hotel do i book a room?

Please book a room for us, in a 5 star hotel or more. For example
Bern: Bellevue Palace / Bristol
Genf: : La Réserve Genève / Les Armures
Zürich: Baur au Lac / Storchen / Alex Lake Zürich - The living Circle

Can I book her, to visit me at my privat place?
I love the athmosphere of an high class Hotel. So the answer is no. 

Is she right here?

In some situations it might be possible. Normaly, please give me 24h at least.

Am i secure?
I appear in your life on invitation. I disappear after our incounter. We leave a beautiful memory.

What are her values?
I guarantee stylish appearance, physical health and high spirits. And assure absolute discretion, also in my own interest.

Are there any extras?
All prices are for a booking by you as an individual customer. Accompanied by an additional person, the fee increases by 50%.

Arrivals within Switzerland that exceed 1 hour / chf 100

The following fees apply to couple bookings

What if I want to book her for longer? In this case, please contact me to clear up any misunderstandings at an early stage.